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Here are some great video links that I think you will find helpful in learning different techniques for using my products as well as for inspiration. I have categorized them into different art forms.

Do you know of a great video that would help others to get started using napkins in their art? Please send me an e-mail at info@ninnysnapkins.com and let me know!


Mixed Media:


CreativeKady Art Journal Tutorials-       

CreativeKady Karen Burchill of Mixed Media Creations on Youtube is working on a series of videos using napkins (among other things) in her mixed media art and napkin journal.


Spring Napkin Journal Page


This is the first video in CreativeKady's new series. There are plenty more to come so be sure to subscribe to her channel!

Click here to watch the video


 Using Stencils in Different Ways

In Karen's second video tutorial she uses a flamingo napkin and some awesome stencils to make this bright and funky journal page!

Click here to watch the video




Using the White Layers of the Napkins

 This is third video CreativeKady Karen Burchill has created using napkins, this time with the often discarded white layers! She uses stencils to paint images on the layers for later use in mixed media art. This is also a fantastic technique to use for decoupage as it would allow you to put stencils onto curved surfaces like a vase more easily.                                       Click here to watch the video



 Vintage Papers and Decoupage

In this video Karen shows how she uses one of the stencilled napkins she made in the previous video in her napkin art journal.

Click here to watch the video




 Collage and Complimentary Colours

In this video Karen shows how to add detail to any napkin by collaging it onto book or music paper. 


Click here to watch the video



Using Napkin Art to Guide Your Painting

In this video CreativeKady shows us how to use a napkin as a template to paint over, so that even the least artistic of us can make a beautiful painting!

Click here to watch the video



Napkin directs mood, style and color scheme

Watch as Karen completely transforms this blank page into a work of art using a napkin and two stencils from The Crafters Workshop.

Click here to watch the video



Beginner Perfect- Matching the Napkin to the Technique

 An very simple journal page with outstanding results! Once you watch this you will have to give it a try yourself!



Click here to watch the video


 Napkins, stencils and modelling paste

 Not a journal page this time, but some super cute fridge magnets made on tiny canvasses. You'll want to cover your whole fridge!




Click here to watch the video


Using DIY decoupage papers

Rememeber those napkin backings that Karen showed us how to stencil on? Now learn how to use them to create stunning home decor!



Click here to watch the video


 Decoupaging Napkins

In this video Karen uses the Lilac Letter napkin as well as the Lilac stencil on a 10" x 10" MDF board.




Click here to watch the video

Everything Blooms Napkin Journal Page

Another stunning napkin journal page, this time using napkins as both a background and focal point.




Click here to watch the video


You are Your Only Limit Canvas

Watch as CreativeKady uses Stamperia rice paper to create this gorgeous canvas as  a gift for her nephew.


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 Using Napkins to Guide Your Creativity

Can't draw? Use a focal image from a napkin. Don't know what colors or stencil to use? Use a napkin to guide your creative choices.



Click here to watch the video




DaintyGifts Decoupage Water Method:

Yvette of DaintyGifts makes some of the best decoupage videos I have seen. Since watching her video on how she does decoupage with water I have adopted the same method and never looked back.

Click here to see her Decoupage for Beginners series of videos





Stamperia Tutorials:

A playlist of video tutorials by Stamperia using thier products in different artforms.

Click here to watch