About Ninny

Hi! I'm Nicole, but my friends call me Ninny! I'm the owner of NinnysNapkins, as well as the shipper/receiver, customer service, sales rep, bookkeeper, accountant, photographer and web designer! That's right, if you have any kind of communication with NinnysNapkins you are talking to me, your envelopes are packed by me, your address is hand written by me!

I got the idea for NinnysNapkins when I started to accumulate a large collection of napkins for my decoupage hobby. Originally I planned to sell some to keep my collection in check, and to earn some money for a few new designs. I had no idea it would expand into other products and eventually become a full time business!

Prior to this I worked as a gardener in the summer, and still really enjoy gardening as a hobby. My other hobby, (more like obsession!) is fish-keeping. I have many aquariums including a 150 gallon saltwater reef. My husband would also tell you I collect rocks. Of course in the little bit of spare time I get, I still love to decoupage and make the odd collage or two in a junk journal.

So now you've gotten to know a little about me, why not send me an e-mail or snail mail and tell me a little about you! I would love to see a couple of photos of your work as well, and a photo of you will help me remember you in future conversations!