Decoupaged DIY Sunglass Holder using Premium Rice Paper

Decoupaged DIY Sunglass Holder using Premium Rice Paper

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Love this idea, practical and beautiful- great for craft fairs. Ok

Holly Moses

This is such a cute project. Love these rice papers! I never thought of using that style hook for eyeglasses, and i can never find mine. Looks like a new project for me!


So cool, I love the clear instrutions, and the outcome is amazing.


P.S. I like the Polyvine spray recommendation for a sealer, but to allow for placement errors or wrinkles, I’m sticking with wet decoupage glue. For that nanosecond of grace!


Your grunge rice paper is beautiful; reminds me of the internet shop where I got many napkins for our daughter’s wedding—and made a shadow box from them afterwards, my best decoupage work though it was my first. I miss that shop! However, there’s solace in what you are creating—the splattered ink you’ve done on top of the gorgeous designs is irresistible.


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