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Q. Am I able to use Ninnys Napkins products in my handmade goods for resale at craft shows, on Etsy etc?

A. Please read my Angel Policies page for more information on this topic.

Q. What is decoupage?

A. Decoupage is actually a very old form of arts and crafts. Simply put, it is applying paper images to objects to decorate them. Decoupage can be done using many different types of papers such as napkins, rice or mulberry paper, tissue, magazine pages, wrapping paper and so on. Typically thinner papers are preferred as they tend to blend into the surface they are being applied to, giving a hand painted look.

You can learn more about decoupage and how to get started on my Videos and Tutorials page.

Q. What are decoupage napkins?

A. Decoupage napkins are no different from table napkins, in fact they are table napkins. The main difference is that they are typically sold in smaller quantities to crafters who don't want to invest in an entire pack of 20. That can take up a lot of space and the cost of buying full packs can quickly add up!

Q. What is rice paper?

A. Rice paper or mulberry paper is paper that is made from a rice or mulberry tree. It often shows fibers in the page, giving it an interesting effect. It is used similar to napkins however is a bit thicker and much more durable. It comes in a variety of weights (thicknesses). Rice paper is great for decoupage but can also be used in collage, journalling, mixed media art and many other applications. The only limit is your imagination!

Q. Who is Ninny?

A. Ninny is me! Ninny is a nickname, my full name is Nicole. You can learn a little bit more about me and why I started Ninnys Napkins on my About Ninny page.

Q. How do I contact Ninny?

A. Probably the best and fastest way to communicate with me is by e-mail, info@ninnysnapkins.com or ninnysnapkins@gmail.com. But you can also often reach me on Facebook on my business page Ninnys Napkins, or on Instagram @ninnysnapkins

Please try and avoid contacting me on my personal Facebook page (Nicole Ninnys Napkins) as I only keep a personal page in order to maintain my business page and private messages often go unnoticed.


Q. Who is CreativeKady?

A. CreativeKady is Karen Burchill, you may know her best from her YouTube channel Mixed Media Creations.  Among other roles in the arts and crafts world, Karen is part of the Ninnys Napkins design team. 

Q. How many napkins will I get?

A. Most of my listings are for a pair of two individual napkins. Surprise packs have either 10 or 20 napkins in them, your choice. If you aren't sure how many napkins you'll be getting, I will always let you know in the description of the product listing.

Q. Where are Ninnys Napkins products being shipped from?

A. Ninny lives in Ontario, Canada, and all products are shipped to you from her, with the exception of CreativeKady's Mixed Media Kits, which are shipped from BC, Canada.

Q. Does Ninny only ship within North America?

A. Nope! I ship to anywhere in the WORLD!

Q. If Ninnys Napkins is a Canadian company, why is the URL a .com?

A. I actually own NinnysNapkins.ca as well, however since I ship around the World I chose to make NinnysNapkins.com my primary URL because it is more commonly recognized.

Q. So you're a Canadian company, but are your products manufactured in Canada?

A. At this time the majority of products at Ninnys Napkins are manufactured in Europe. TCW stencils are made in the USA. I honestly don't know of a single napkin brand that is printed in North America, if you do, I would love to hear about it! In the future I would love to source out more craft supplies made in North America, but I will also always continue to carry the gorgeous high quality European napkins and craft supplies.

Q. Why does the price seem to double when I go to checkout?

A. For your convenience, I have set the website up to allow you to view my prices in your currency. However, since I am a Canadian company my site actually works in Canadian Dollars. So when you reach the checkout, the website automatically recalculates your total into CAD. Do not be alarmed! You will still be charged the same price that you saw in your currency before you got to checkout.

Q. Sometimes I am offered lettermail shipping at checkout, but not this time. Why is that?

A. Lettermail shipping in offered if your package will weigh less than 200 grams and contains only items that can lay flat in an envelope. After that, I can no longer ship your items as lettermail, therefore you are only offered parcel rates. If you really prefer lettermail, try splitting your order up into 2 or 3 smaller orders. This will only work if your order does not contain bulky items such as pigment pads. Please keep in mind lettermail is slower than the other shipping options and cannot be tracked.