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Angel Policy

Can I use the items from Ninnys Napkins to create handmade goods for resale?

In most cases the answer is yes. I have compiled a list below of the different brands that I carry and their policies on this. In any case, you may always use any product purchased at Ninnys Napkins to decorate/create/decoupage items for yourself or as gifts. Every product I sell has the brand listed in the description. 

I have colour coded each brand to make it easier to remember which ones you can safely use in your goods for resale. Green means GO! You can definitely use these. Orange means with caution, or with conditions i.e Stamperia requires you to mention that you used their products. Red means NO, do not use these products if you intend to sell the item you create.

I will continue to update this page as I get answers from the different brands, and as I add new products.

If the brand you want to use is not listed here, I advise that you do not use these products to produce goods for resale at this time. Please check back later.



Ambiente EU

You may use any Ambiente brand napkins to create hand made items or artwork for resale, just please no mass production. Please do not copy images to print your own napkins or paper items for resale.

IHR Ideal Home Range- You may use Ideal Home Range napkins to make goods for resale, no mass production. Do not copy their images and print your own napkins etc for resale. 

PAW: You may use PAW napkins in handmade goods for resale, up to 200 identical items.

Caspari: You may use Caspari napkins to create handmade goods for resale.

Indigenous Collection by CAP: You may use these napkins in your handmade goods for resale.

Michel Design Works: No answer yet regarding the use of their napkins in handmade goods for resale. 

PPD Paper Products Design

From PPD website:

"Making a product utilizing PPD’s licensed products in the process and then selling that product is illegal and constitutes a copyright infringement which is subject to legal action."

You can use these to make items for yourself and as gifts, but you may not use their designs whatsoever in your goods for resale.

Abbott: Please do not use these napkins in your handmade goods for resale. (I only carry 5 Abbott designs.) 

Rice Paper/Stencils/Stamps

Ninny's: Of course you may use my designs in your handmade goods for resale, I design them for you after all! Please do not copy my designs to resell as is though. And if you could mention that you used my product that would be wonderful, but isn't required.

ITD Collection:

You may use any ITD items (rice paper, stencils, scrapbook paper etc) to create handmade items or art for resale, please no mass production. You may not copy their items to reprint for resale. E.g: do not copy their rice paper to print your own rice paper to sell.

TCW:     From their Angel Policy: "You can use our images on your products, only IF the images are created by hand. Please do not scan/photograph our images (either alone or on your artwork) and then print or duplicate mechanically. You can hand-create up to 20 identical pieces using our designs. After that, we would consider it mass production and require you to pay our designers a licensing fee."


You may use Stamperia products in your handmade goods for resale provided you mention that you used Stamperia products. No mass production and no reproducing. E.g do not copy Stamperia rice paper to print rice paper.

Ciao Bella- No answer yet but I do not see this being a problem, for now I would do the same as you would with Stamperia and mention the use of Ciao Bella products.