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Ninnys Napkins

Ninny's Tear Resistant Tissue, Door Size - Glorious Entryway

Ninny's Tear Resistant Tissue, Door Size - Glorious Entryway


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Quantity: 1 (one) sheet 

Size: Door

Measurements: 37" x 82" 

Brand: Ninny's

Description:  This revolutionary tissue feels like a very thin fabric. It is perfect for decoupage, art journaling, mixed media and more. You can make just about any object a work of art with this product!

Wetting this tissue with not compromise it's strength, it will not tear or wrinkle easily when applying it to a surface with glue or other mediums. The ink used is UV resistant, so it resists fading when exposed to sunlight. This tissue is extremely easy to apply to a variety of surfaces, watch this video to see how! https://youtu.be/Z1Yh604CgZ8

To apply, you can use Mod Podge, PVA glue, Minwax Polycrylic, or any other water based sealer. Colours will not run whatsoever! 

Made in South Africa.

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