Meet the Team

Get to know the faces behind Ninny's Napkins and the key to our success. A great company needs a great team behind the scenes, and we've got the best!

Nicole a.k.a Ninny

Ninny is the founder and driving force behind Ninnys Napkins and our furniture upcycling division, Onyx Upcycle. You can usually find her answering customer inquiries, working on our website and social media, or in the NN studio making a mess!

Ninny explores many types of arts and crafts, but her main passion is decoupage.


Meet Dianne, our team trailblazer who's been with Ninnys Napkins for a solid two years. She's the powerhouse in our warehouse, making sure your orders are packed and shipped with care.

Dianne loves decoupage and mixed media, but will try anything once!


Danielle's been with the team for more than a year now. You'll catch her hustling in the warehouse, packing up your orders, but she's also a regular face in our retail shop. And, hey, did we mention she's the secret behind the spotless vibe in our shop? Cheers to Danielle for keeping things squeaky clean!


Pat was originally a customer and would share photos of her beautiful cards with Ninnys staff when she picked up her orders. When we changed locations and decided to offer classes in our studio, we immediately thought of Pat to teach cardmaking.

Check the Workshop Calendar to join one of her classes!



Kelly is a talented furniture artist, and mainly works on the Onyx Upcycle side of the business. You can pick her brain in the retail shop most Wednesday and Friday afternoons, and she teaches many of our workshops.

Click here to find out more about Kelly's workshops!

Public Relations Manager


During open hours Onyx can be found behind the baby gate in Ninnys office, where he is easily accessible to those who wish to lavish him with love. (but easily avoided for those who don't).

Onyx is a very sweet and gentle boy, and many of our customers seek him out when they first arrive!

Design Team

Design team members are not employees but are an integral part of the Ninny's team! They create inspiring and educational content to showcase our products, teach you how to use them, and inspire you to create in ways you hadn't thought of.

Karen Burchill aka CreativeKady

Meet Karen, the creative force behind Mixed Media Creations and a key member of the Ninnys team for several years. Explore her inspiring work on her YouTube channel, and connect with her on Instagram and Facebook @creativekady. Join her Facebook group to share your own creations. 🎨 Art Journaling and Mixed Media Creations

Karen Burchill on YouTube

Kelly Leiter Hugs-n-Beans

Welcoming Kelly, our newest team member! Her bubbly personality and adorable Southern accent are guaranteed to add a touch of creativity that'll brighten your day. Thrilled to have her on board! 🌟

Find Kelly on Facebook or her YouTube channel, Hugs-n-Beans, by clicking the button below.

Hugs-n-Beans on YouTube