How about a great bargain?

If you answered yes to both of these questions, then Mystery Boxes were made for you! Read on to find out more about this highly sought after item.

What's a Mystery Box?

So glad you asked. Mystery boxes are jam packed with a variety of the items offered at Ninny's, sold at half their retail value. Meaning a $50 Mystery Box contains a minimum of $100 retail value worth of product. They are available in 3 sizes; Mini, Regular, and Jumbo.

What's the catch?

Mystery Boxes are only released on the 26th of each month at 8am EST, and there may be a limited number available. How will you know when they've been restocked? Make sure you're signed up for our mailing list, we'll send out an e-mail the second they become available. You can also click the "Notify When Available" button below the product.

Choose Your Size

Mystery boxes come in 3 different sizes. Scroll down to see the types of items you could expect to find in each one.

mystery box contents
mystery box contents