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A4 White Rice Paper - 10 Pcs

A4 White Rice Paper - 10 Pcs


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Quantity: 10 sheets 

Size: A4 8.5" x 11"

Weight: 26 GSM

How to use:

Inkjet printer: print on smooth side and spray with a bit of hairspray or fixative to prevent bleeding

Inkjet with pigment ink: print on smooth side, no hairspray needed

Laser Printer: Print on rough side

This paper is also suitable for stamping on (again I recommend spraying with hairspray if you are not using archival inks) or stenciling. 

You can also use this paper as is to create a unique background for your decoupage projects rather than painting the background. For example many people decoupage white rice paper onto bottles before decoupaging a napkin over top, and then putting lights inside the bottle that will shine through the rice paper. 

You will need to tape or glue your rice paper to a carrier sheet to get it through your printer. See video link below. 

In this video, CreativeKady Karen Burchill uses her laser printer to print on tissue and deli paper, it's the exact same as printing on rice paper.  Click here to watch

 Tags: decoupage, design, creative, create

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