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Country Chic

Country Chic - Short Handled Paint Brush - Synthetic Bristles

Country Chic - Short Handled Paint Brush - Synthetic Bristles


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Quantity: 1 (one) brush

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Brand: Country Chic

Made in: Canada


If you’re looking for a paint brush that will make painting effortless, look no further -- our oval paint brush has densely-packed, synthetic bristles that allow you to achieve excellent paint coverage with minimal brush strokes. This top-of-the-line paint tool is available in two convenient sizes and will soon be your go-to brush for all your painting projects! We recommend using only synthetic bristle brushes with Country Chic Paint products. Natural bristles absorb water, causing the bristles to flare and become too soft to paint effectively. Natural bristle brushes are also usually made from animal hair fibres often collected using inhumane practices and therefore, are not cruelty-free. No need to worry when it comes to our oval brushes, not only are they synthetic, the bristles are not derived from animals and are completely cruelty-free!

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