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ITD Collection

ITD Collection A4 Rice Paper - Inspired by Klimt R2413

ITD Collection A4 Rice Paper - Inspired by Klimt R2413


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Quantity: 1 piece

Size: A4 

Measurements: approx 8.5" x 11"

Brand: ITD Collection 

Description: Printed in Poland. 

 Rice paper for crafts. It is perfect for beginners as well as for advanced lovers of paper crafts, decoupage, scrapbooking, mixed media and other paper decorating techniques. It is easier to work with than with classic napkins. It is great for decorating glass, but also for other surfaces such as wood, MDF or polystyreneRice paper on glass looks extremely original and attractiveRice paper has characteristic fibers of irregular thickness throughout its structure, arranged in any direction, thanks to which objects decorated with this technique gain an original appearance and structure. Our rice cake is glued without any specific recommendations as to the gluing technique, with any glueProven digital printing technology ensures that the colours remain pure, do not wash out under the influence of glue and do not fade over time. The paper sticks well and can be gently applied to rounded objects. It enables you to achieve perfect results in the art of decoupage and more.

Each element of the graphic should be torn out of the sheet, not cut out with scissors. The irregular edge of rice paper is very easy to hide on the surface of the object to be decorated. The final work is protected with several layers of varnish. The result is simply spectacular. What paper to use for decoupage? Definitely the best, i.e. rice. It is the best alternative to napkins.

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