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Polyvine - Craquelure 2 Part System

Polyvine - Craquelure 2 Part System


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Size: choose 100ml, 500ml or 1 litre Craquelure size. Optional highlighter comes only in 50ml

Brand: Polyvine 

Description: Produces a cracked varnish effect for a traditional aged finish. 

By using a simple two part (base coat and top coat) clear acrylic system this varnish faithfully reproduces the regular crazed pattern associated with old porcelain glazes.
Please note that you need to buy both the base coat and the top coat to create the effect.
The crackle effect produced by craquelure can be accentuated with a crack highlighter which is available in either white or dark brown for a truly aged finish.

Take a look at Polyvines how-to video for hints, tips and inspiration.


application and advice



Invert bottle to mix. Apply with a good quality brush. Craquelure performs very well between 16°c (60°f) and 21°c (70°f). Performance outside this range is impaired. Seal porous surfaces with the Top Coat before starting and allow to dry. Apply a liberal coating of Base Coat to the surface, avoiding brush marks and unevenness. Allow to dry – the milky appearance turns clear but the surface remains sticky. Apply a coating of Top Coat avoiding brush marks and unevenness. As the Top Coat dries, fine cracks will appear. If the temperature is too high, play a fan or cold hair dryer over the surface.
Use Polyvine Craquelure highlighter in dark or light to emphasise the craquelure effect - see swatches for effect.
For extra protection apply a coat of Top Coat.



Always try the technique on a test piece before embarking on the project. Walls and vertical surfaces need a lot of practice.



Protect from extremes of temperature during storage and application.


health, safety and the environment

Non-hazardous. Ensure good ventilation.
Keep out of reach of children. Contact with eyes - wash immediately with warm water. Remove excess from tools and mixing vessels before washing in warm soapy water. Do not empty into drains or watercourses.

MSDS available by request or by visiting

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