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Polyvine - Multi Surface Lacquer - Dead Flat

Polyvine - Multi Surface Lacquer - Dead Flat


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Quantity: 1 (one) bottle

Size: choose 100ml, 500ml or 1 litre

Brand: Polyvine 


A robust and crystal-clear lacquer, available in dead flat, satin and gloss finish

A hard, durable, crystal clear, fast-drying lacquer for multi-surface protection.

This high-quality lacquer dries to a hard, crystal clear dead flat, satin or high gloss finish. It has extremely good sanding properties and is specially formulated to bond to a wide range of surfaces. It can also be used as a multi-surface primer and is relied upon by professional and amateur decorators for its durability and ease of use.

Polyvine’s Multi-Surface Lacquer is available in high gloss for a shiny finish, satin for depth and a soft sheen, or dead flat for a completely shine-free surface.


All surfaces must be clean and free from dust, dirt, oil and contamination.







Health, safety and the environment

MSDS available on request or by visiting Polyvine.com

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